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We, heirs of rich heritage of Kerala, India, in order to maintain the great values of that heritage and establish a forum for the contribution of the unique culture and tradition of the people from Kerala to the enrichment of the Australian society, do ordain and dedicate this constitution for the Malayalee’s of Brisbane.

Article I: -This organization shall be called “Brisbane Kerala Cultural Community Inc” (BKCC) Reg. No: IA58015 and is hereunder referred to as the “Association”

Article II: -Objectives

The objectives of this association are: –

  • To provide a forum of its members to meet and exchange views.
  • To foster friendship and understanding among its members.
  • To provide opportunity for literacy, cultural and entertainment activities.
  • To provide opportunity for members-men, women and children-to participate and take leadership in all activities of the Association.
  • To cooperate with other organization in programs of common interest

Article III: -Membership, Privileges and Dues

A-Members anyone belonging to any of the following categories is eligible for membership in the Association

2) Malayalam speaking people
3) Descendants of Keralites
4) Persons related to Keralites and their descendants

Only Members who are 18 years of age or older and residents of Brisbane Qld Australia are eligible to vote and hold any elected office of the association.
The official office shall be in Brisbane North.
The membership year of the association shall be from 1st October to 30th September of the next year

Article IV: -Administration

The association shall be administrated and managed by an executive committee comprising:
A. All officers of the association described in Article IV Sec.2.The association shall have eight elected officers as listed below:

a. President
b. Secretary
c. Treasurer
d. and five executive committee members

All the executive committee members shall be elected in the Annual General Body meeting in the democratic system

The team of office of the elected officers shall be from 1st October to 30th September of the next year. All association documents shall be transferred to the new executive committee not later than March of the following year

Members of the association shall serve for more than three consecutive full terms in the same position, except for those in the long-range planning committee. Main office bearers should have completed at least one year in the executive committee

Should a vacancy arise in any position of the executive committee shall be filled by president or election at a duly called general body meeting of the association.