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Brisbane Kerala Cultural Community Inc (BKCC)


Brisbane Kerala Cultural Community Inc (BKCC)


Brisbane Kerala Cultural Community Inc (BKCC)

Welcome to our community

About Us

Brisbane Kerala Cultural Community Inc (BKCC) is an incorporated registered association representing non- resident Malayalee’s of Indian origin in Australia.

Brisbane Kerala Cultural Community Inc (BKCC) is a non-profit, non religious, non-political and cultural organisation working towards the improvement of the social life style of Keralites (Malayalee’s) residing in Australia, especially in Brisbane North.

Based in Brisbane North, this association will work with the Keralite community Brisbane and strive to play a part in promoting the Keralite heritage traditions in this foreign soil. This association will aim to host and celebrate traditional festivals of Kerala and organize family get-togethers, cultural and sporting events.

BKCC aspires to provide a venue for social and personal growth through family kinship, non-partisan fellowship and the enrichment of common ethnic values. It aims to enhance the collective identity of Kerala lineage in Brisbane, while strengthening their commitment to the country of demicile, the Australia.


Constitution and By-Laws


We, heirs of rich heritage of Kerala, India,in order to maintain the great values of that heritage and establish a forum for the contribution of the unique culture and tradition of the people from Kerala to the enrichment of the Australian society, do ordain and dedicate this constitution for the Malayalee’s of Brisbane.

Article I: -This organization shall be called “Brisbane Kerala Cultural Community Inc” (BKCC) Reg. No: IA58015 and is hereunder referred to as the “Association”